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Receptions for 27-28/11

1458 Lyca the station has been finally heard in clear in the mountain of Thessaloniki using the loop AN20 togeter with the PL330  on 2125 mixed with local noise
1377 reception of CNR with another station together . better reception in SSB ib quite better with sigal up to 65/xx 2128
1377 has been heard using stereo cable connected with the radio
1044 Daffy 2237 with nice oldies  47/05

Using the 2x16m dipole with inductive reception to the PL330 radio
7780 WRMI at 2252 at 49/16 sesms as R Slovakia in Russian
7215 KBS? With IS reel in Chinese 2300
6380 pirate at 2301 with old rocks 45/00
5995 Mali 2302 with LA style songs 52/12

28/11 with delta loop 30 m inductive to the radio
7250 RRI Romania with liturgy 0830 62/18
12055 CNR?? In KZ with Chinese program window and mysterious atmospheric background music
13559.6 there is a 2 Hz time beeper …
13580 Mashaal Radio 0837 with phone ins 33/00-07
6020 Delta radio could not be heard in THS Tested via twente with poor signal but quite better in myfritz in Hamburg with -70 dbm max with 20-25 dbm fading Prfogram
13600 RFE 0840 with news Several ID s Signal of 70-15
15390 CNR13 at 0846 man with talx inUIghur


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