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Logs for 10-13 Nov

what has been not posted so far-

In the mountain of Salonica , short passing there using PL380
15770 12xx with nice signal inside the house 45/15  on 10/11
17490 China radio nearly same time 62/25 with PL330 connected to the 2×16 m antenna

In the city of Salonica on 11/11 and then while cross testing the PL330 /380 operation for blogging Top floor of a 7 floor building and full of noises
9330 WBCQ eng good signal using the 10 m hor wire in the top of a 7 store building . my parents house
7245 TRT?  In Bulgarian 1216 talks abt architecture and Aphrodite (Venus ) Good signal
9685 not 1220 about Belorussia  Poss in Russian >>CRI

Also at 13/11 in THS
12035 TRT 1345 in Eng about Cappadocia Anatolia and Byzantine  59/43 (330 vs 380 S signals}
12075 religious program in Hindi 62/43
15370 NHK? French talks Mysterious modulation noise
13680 IRIB ? YL with nice voice with lengthy talks in Farsi  Piano play background
The remain logs for RCairo have already posted in WOR email listing


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