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Logs for 4.11

Now with a PL330 !!! just arrived .Comparing to the PL380 it sems as a toy I don’t like its rotating knobs .Later to discuss about  it

>>> as per eibi
4450 double carriers at 1502 nothing is clear due to the high noise
4885 VoP  1500 talk in Korean , piano music 49/05
5830 V Iran 1535 with news on covid 56/25
6090 CNR2 1600 mixed with another station
6250 EoHope  1509  with news in Korean ,mentioned Washington DC 58/16
6350 this clandestine is also in the clear – no jamming
7110 Ethiopia 1458 with western pop song 52/12 (signal /SNR level ) in Hungary SDR at 1753 With S9 Same with locally outdoor reception (34/15)
7205 Xinjiang PBS UI YL with news , a series of numbers -most are heard as Turkish – at 1504 Phone ins at 1522
7265 at 1529 in Hindi 54/14 >>>CRI
7285  VoTurkey off program 1527 with local signal (94!!!/25) IS jingle with greek ID in between . At 1529 off sad no news
7385 Xizang PBS Lhasa 1529  man talking in Tibetan with Tibetan music background 63/23
7565   1542 talks on coronavirus . Hindi >>nothing
7570 VoKorea  1540 a hymn . Talks in English
7580 BBC? 1610 Sedaye …. (unclear )station is mixed with STANAG
9275 no FEBC 1555
9810 RRomIntl with program ‘magazin’  .  Romanian language 1506 74/06

7180/7140 no signal in HU SDR

7055 the Russian Ukrainian crowd :
1519 someone  laughing ,talk in RR and then singing , mentioning propaganda
1557 someone playing music
Also on Hungary kSDR  1745 with man talking , one 1746 many mention on Moskow with S9!! Also good at home outdoors 1751 with encrypted messages – digital chirps
This site Albertissa was the best among others tested in the EEU and Russia for the optimal signals


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