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Logs of pre-midnight Oct 30th

PL380 on my bed  26 m antenna and att resistor , Local time before 2.30 am
All bands suffer from an unknown noise Level is around 25 and time dependent
7600 R Afghanistan Intl with nearly local signal 2320+
5830 R Iran intl also with very good signal
5780  unknown station with oldies off at 2335 after a female voice Pirate?
5140 R Charleston Intl  with songs of 50s

A few of 31/10
15390 CNR13 0603 UIghur nice pop UI songs good signal
15485 CRI in Arabic
6185 R Classik Sunday 0701+ checked with adio and then with various kSDRs nearby NL but no signal  As per the site ot is  local time 0900 Rechecked at 0800 with good signal in Twente at -65dbm but again no signal in my QTH Reported via Albertisa HU kSDR at -80dbm with 15 dbm range


Συντάκτης: zachariasliangas

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