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Logs  Via Kenya+Kuwait SDR

4930  VOA St 1617 with news on covid in Rwanda S9 /-71dbm  QRN -90dbm
5060 Xinjiang PBS CC too poor S/N to copy best signal found on Kuwait7110 Ethiopia R 1632 on with S9/S6QRN with news Also Amhara on 6090 with good audio
7205+6 mixing Omdurman and Xinjiang at same levels of signal S10 Quite better reception on Kenya
6110 Buzzing audio form Fana on 1629 very poor audio via Kenya SDR Good in both
5985 RCI in Swazi 1644 with S10 signal ID at 1645 via Kenya SDR

In the Nairobi SDr there is a huge QRN level to around -80 dbm on the top of the MW band. Only 4 stations can be hard in the bans with most clear:
1377  Radio Free Africa  (from Tanzania) ID at 1630 in unknown language  , talks  abt amnesty and mentions of VoA -65/S9+15S level max
585 ?? 1635 talk in unIDed language S10 >>> poss   ZBC Radio/Spice per mwlist
765 ?? Afro music 1636 S9 signal max -75dbm  >>>poss MOZ Emissor Provincial de Nampula
Interestingly tis handles 8 users without being in off specrtum mode
Recheck today 28 at 07+ but only very high noise in the band . They need to to install a new antenna to clear reception as much as possible  


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