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Double logs 26/10/21

via twnte SDR and localy in Litohoon

All 26-10 the St Demetrius days, Thesalonki city’s patron saint. This is the second biggest city in Greece and my ex residence and birth city .

Once spectrum window of Twente SDR  shown unwanted signals. They are affected from possible receiver overloads,  router carriers and various other nearby sources.

5995 Mali at 0625 . OM  with talks . ID as radio Mali and follows with hilife song -71dbm signa
5970 mixing between R208 and EWTN in Spanish at 0627 -72dbm Many timeouts from the SDR due to 311 users
6160 Br Stair pastor 0631 talks on spiritual weakness and ‘this is the last time’ for to preparing the end of the world  Mr stair >> Via Germany >>Glen Hauser advises this is from WBCQ not from Germany

7345 BBC with reports 0635 in Eng -72dbm max
9830 DW 0635 with ID and programing in Hausa ,mentions on Sudan -60dbm max
9330 WBCQ program in spanish
9420 V Greece 0639 with Greek rock song  -56dbm signal
4840 B stair  0641 with typical religious program -70
4980 BStair  0643 via WRMI with religious prg -75dbm
5025 and 5040 are also heard at -ca 90dbm signal 0650
5140 Charleston R with typical songs of 40s-50s 0652 with -80dbm
1458 Lyca is great at-60dbm 0655  Lock at -0.15vHz ID lyca radio with jingle and self commercials

The SW antenna has been installed few days ago but the noise is too high next due to various sources. Next days will test with the SDR. A few logs below with PL380 on the local pre-midnight times with inductive antenna reception at a point that doesn’t overload the radio
Some easy typical logs:
6180 DWD 2020 with meteo text 51/5
7240 /6050 Xizang PBS off Tuesday 2040 . Previous day with very good reception
7600 R Afghanistan Intl  2057 with ID reel , after 2102 outdoor talks by crowd 2105 news 57/25  (seems as local )
12050 Ndarason? 2038 with talks 50/24
15580 VoA with songs 2042 39/12
15825 WWCR  2043 44/13



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