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Some SDR receptions 18/10/21

via Philipnes and S Australia

9835 RTM Sarawak vs Vietnam and China . A song from Ziana zain hot fem singer on 90s at 1337  then with “marilah berselawat” nasyid song at 1338 . Signal with top level at -60 is struggling with 9830 CNR1 at -55dbm max and with vietman at max -75dbm as show in the spectrum analysis of the kiwi but there is strong splatter from RTM
11665 sure for Wai FM 1343 religious [Christian?] sermons between several women with -65dbm signal  1355 Noisy modulation . Nice 80s semi dangdut song at 1356
11665 signed off 1 minute after 9835 at 1402

Moreover :
3250   1330 talk by OM that seems between CC and Korean with S9/8 S/N levels Quite difficult to cope with the language >>KCBS Pyongyang
3325 VOI in Englsih 1333 then with jawa style pop song after the talks . some QRM from the 3320 Pyongyang  pangsong . Signals are S9+15 vs Korea at S9 . the noise at 8 is quite good to kill the Korean signal
4900 V of Strait 1408  with nice Chinese semi trad song of 80s (era of Teresa Teng ) talks in Amoy or Similar sky Shazam noticed  ‘sky will grow old’  by ChenXiaoYun Signal  -45dbm S40
4940 V straight 1415
4957 5fig groups in  CC 1416 with -75dbm signal
11680 Pyongyang pangsong 1503 with Korean operas -70dbm
11695  program in Khmer – relatively different than thai when hearing – with talks ewvereral mentions of VOA .LSB has stringer audio than the USB  by 4db
11650  signed off at 1357   for short time at -47dbm ,1358 again with CNR program IDed as Zhongguo Bu4yuan  and ID at 1400 as Ninnan zhiyin

In Livingston kiwi SDR S Australia two Greek  stations on 1665 at S7 (-85dbm ) with Greek rocks of 80s and 1683 with old folks of 70s (by the well known singer Charis Alexiou ) and strong co channel carrier at S5 levels UTC 1440 or local 1240 midnight
Funny also that 531 there  is a Italian lang station  ??? Radio italiana


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