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S0me SDR Logs Oct 2+3

SDR only receptions

Tests Budor Norway kSDR  on 2-10
15160 KBS  in Korean  towards ME 0952 funny discussions between man and woman . Long ago I have watched Korean series and know that their humor isa bit hilarious Signal S9 -72 dbm
15260 CRI Music as per eibi , Rom program 0954 with a children song “hey yo” . too funny that I dont like. IO prefer their  typical light pop songs S9+10 dbm Off 1000
15390 CNR13 with the local Chinese time window program>back to the Uighur service as tested on 1001 with talks and ‘Arabic song’ in background  S9
15220  started 0958 wit only carrier and waiting for program This is CRI in Hungarian mentioning their address at 0.40sec
9670 Tumbril via R292 with nice classical oboe music. Contemporary composer  ?? and a pop style song  at 1013 and back to baroque music at 1022 after my return from OOR  Signal at  S9+20 in // to S9/6070 .
Local reception at 30/00 noise only on 9670 with little chance to listen when the signal peaks to 32/05

6055 Evagelishe mission via Aus with talks in German with signal S9+10 starting on 1030as shown in the SDr’s waterfall
6095 SE-TA2 nice to get them at S9  (-70dbm) but via the remote SDR as the local reception is v full of noise . ID at 1036  with song oh little lady following or baby I don’t care .  I m looking for their mail
21670 R Saudi Intl localy heard with crazy music on 1011 and at 42/15 signal in OOB QTH 
Via Albertissa SDR and local reception in Litohoron

Mini Dx walk in the vilalge : Joystick
Today while walking on the outskirts of the village I was listening Joystick  for ca 6 minutes stating on 1002 . Old pop song of the 80s unknown to me  a bit lengthy and talks in German . Signal around 32/20 on the 4kHz wide filer of PL380 with mid length antenna. Total walk  of 500 m with short walk gaps tune-checking the band around


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