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Malaysian F day reporting

edit with 4 more frequencies

In LItohoron as usual

11665 WAI FM heard very poor in the piscine on the centre of the village 9835 was clear from signal (surely not received here )
This was a unification day for Malaysia happened on 1963
I did a special fake meal for that day by taking a delivery meal from a pizza store in Litohoron:

Other interesting signals as loged wit the PL380
21525 waited for Atlantic via WRMI nut notsigngal
15770 WRMI 1410 with unnnecsary supreme Tv reel 30/20
9890 /9420 was starting on 1400 in this frequqncy with 32/20
9800  AWR n 1412 in Korean with 41/24 max signal
11830 NHK 1428 via UAE in English with the story of Jeffrey who later seems to become Japanese  (??)
11885 PBS Xinjiang 1432 in Uighur talking on Kim .the only question who is him
15300 two stations mixed in the same feed Audio A is a station in Farsi or Dari  in //15390 talking on Talibans stopped on 1450 leaving  Audio B with a religious program in HoA music style  which signed off 1500 signal 50/20 This happened while waiting to find NUG
11840 NUG was not in the freq 1430 . Just the noise from a nearby ???
15245 CRI identifying China Press Radio at 1500 54/14
6110 Nippon non kaze, 1507 with a signal of 48/17  shows talkigs from various people  crying. Many mentions of Tokyo
7600 Afghanistan TV radio , 39/20 clear
5120U only 1515 with music , surely pirate
4905/4800/4920 all sgnals on that time with 32/20 signal


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