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Logs on 7-8/9

Back in Thessaloniki just afew logs on two days checking with the ICOM R75

6015 PBS Xinjiang with program in Kzakh S0

6040  IRIB ??1716 with phone ins in seemingly Swahili lang The sound is a bit low and sharp sounded Eibi shows VoA but the sound leads me to think of IRIB

6348 VoPeople?  1840 just marginal <S3

6940 pirate 1818 with a acapella song and guitar (!)  below S3 . messages in WOR indicate Zeppelin

7540 VoA 1702 with poor ID and talks in Farsi mentioning Pakistan S9

7610  Rangikaman 1656 undermod at S7  max with talks infarsi with traditional music Closing program mentioning Washington  , carrier on for short time

7630 a carrier same time

9380 the former freq of AIR : 1756 in an afro lang with program that seems as religious S8 Eibi shows TWR with Swahili program

9420 /9880 CNR13  still in airead on 1756 with S8 signal . This freq suffers strong noise from the DSL router but this time it is rather idle

15125 CRI via Mali (eibi info ) 1718 talk on Somalia , call number is announced partially wth English numbers 000  …. S5

15540 RKuwait in Urdu 1723 with a hindi type song  “farde kalde’  number 9995 … partially announced in English , Urdu service announced an referring to Covid and MDBS S7

15565 R Vatican 1729 with IS reel this time , Hindi service on 1530 S5

15770 Superme Master V  1732 with ID and program ‘wonderful world‘  Then a an anoumncement by YL with all pogras via satellite speed played by 25% faster without getting duck sounded  but still funny heard ! More than 6 minutes of.  I really wonder why they prefer to consume their time for that. S9 signal

Same time 15825 WWCR 1739 ‘set me free’  a song of  50s style  ending  with halleluiah then with a  strong sermon by a priest. S5 max of S10 . Interesting is that in just a few kHZ ou ca n listen into two programs with different religions


11530 denge welat 0635 with recording from a demonstration  , woman shouting and  a Turkic song . Language is farsi based S10

11675 TRT (10)//11750 (also 10 ) at 0607 talking abt Talibans

15530 Kuwait 0641 with news in English about Ida  then with various news from ABC and continues with news from various sources incl Newspapers till around 0650 then with songs . 0720 with a sight watching  on a music hall in London then arabic song NO ID mentioned

12100 0752 religious program in Engliosh  at S7 with full QRN

15390 CNR13 with talks in UIghur max S3



1377 CNR is marginal with max to S4 on 1803 . At 1818 TWR in Farsi and singal S2

1385 R Svoboda inRussian 1806

531 R Algerie Arabic talks in Afghanistan S9

801 no skopje this day

1350 TWR with program in Turkish on 1818

Greeks this time with signal level in (): 972 (10), 1233 (10), 1440 (3), 1484 (3) , 1566 (3), 1575 (5) Many more on Xband


Local Greek stations this time

972 (10) , 1134 (2) ,1350 (9), 1557 (7), 1656 (2)  ON Xband 1656 (2), 1660 (7), 1700 a carrier

Notice that most of the above logs are notice with a clock of 1.5 ahead


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