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Aug 26/27 logs

Some easy logs with standard radio equipment (R75 and 2×16 m antenna) after returning back home for only one night-day.
This period i m temp living in the city near the mountains of Olymp for family reasons

August 26
7600 Afghanistan 2204 good  signal at S9 progam with long talks
12040 AWR ID 2207 program in English low modulation m talks by YL S5
7780 WRMI  wth R Slovakia ? 2306 prg in French S8 P2
6285 pirate 2308 with songs S7

1550 RASD with merely no modulation 2026 nearly S5
1548 Sawa? 2224 with continuous talks In Arabic with Eng under (poss from Gold UK ) withj many mentions in Saudis , Afghanistan general MC Kenzie Talibs . No music Only talks !! Possible IS as SAFA at 2225 Signal 7  QRM from 1550  RASD
1458  Lyca radio is now in near clear with signal up to S4 at 2241 Songs Shazamed are mansaan ke jatu by Lata and ane te mere by Ham Safar
1377 double  carriers at -120dbm and lower
1008 ERA with S9 signal News at 2300

Lookup LW  at 2233:
153 Rom S4 , 171 Medi1 S5 , 198 BBC marg ,

August 27

7373 0743 RTTY at 50 bd possibly new ?
12015 VoA 0745 with news abt Afg and America  S?
7770 CW at S5 . at 0753
15030 AIR with supp religious songs at 0750  Signal S5


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