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Monitoring 3/7

Just using one day with my SDR unit after long time not using it on the local night

6245##  Vo People mixed with two FSK signals at in both low and upper side bands  6244 @-90 and 6247 at 1709 plus a Link 11 signal !! Look on for more  Also 6350 with signal 1715 mixed with jammer

6290 K1 radio -93dbm with old songs -90dbm
6665L pirate 1948 a dance song aired in LSB mode -99dbm then off
6668 and 6688 short messages of just 1 second US 1951 at every one minute in Arabic
6680 a continuous QSO at -105/120 dbm 1955+
6710 LSB Greek pirates QSO at -80 max signal
7205 Xinjiang PBS in Uighur 1724 with talks   Just-90 dbm
7215 at 1722 with southern Afro music – hilife  then talks  by OM Not so high bandwidth at 4.5×2 kHZ and just -80/130dbm
7240 XZ PBS  in Chinese 1729 with adverts or sort of -78dbm
7275 CRI in Chinese synchrotapping with carrier over CNR XJ with-65dbm started in exactly 1800
7290##  ‘govorit Iran’ 1653 with signal -65dbm with rather funny graphed  but good modulation with program in Russian At 1735 There is a FSK carrier at 1KHz above with-90dbm signal Time of sermons in IRIB
7370  IRIB 1750 Bosnian with various traditional instrumental tunes plus some short description .After 1751 with short sermons . Wished I know Serbian … -60dbm signal with 2x5kHz audio
7385# Tibet PBS with a great -70bdm signal and nice music with the best audio at 2×10 kHz wide!
9410 CRI in Croatian 1700 as spelled ‘Kineski radio international ‘ with immediate music -65dbm
9420the signal is too low 155today at –84/100dbm
11790 BBC French 1829 with IDs and cities across Africa ending with carrier for 1 minute then s/off -51/120dbm
12015 VOk? 1832 pop song!! German program -75dbm
12120 R Pilipinas 1837 alone “out of the band “ -85/120 dbm with talks in Pilipino nd many mentions of the station  Very long to listen to this station !! Marginal outside with a radio
15016   AFN mixed with a FSK system 2009
15130## NHK via ISs hear a pulsating sound similar to some FR transmissions -57dbm
15161.7 night QSO in USB unclear lang (RU?? )2007 -110/130dbm

legend: dbm are S/N levels Usage RSP1a
##with photo on facebook groups


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