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A few logs using kSDRs , interesting on RTM

SDR in Prague
153 RR Actualitata S9 with 1154 with trad music
225 Polski radio , adverts 1156 with S20
270  Cro radio Journal at S30 (-41db) with news

540 Magyar R 1203 talking on Slovakia S20
639 Dvojka ‘Satna fistu’ with talks abt Marxist after jingle 1204 then a song S25
792 Devochka with Germanic style songs 1206 with S9
954 Dvojka // 639 with some delay? S22 with a dance song
1072 CRo Pus (??) with discussions 1211 at S10 signal
1098  t Sro 5 R& R songs at 1212 S10
1332 Chesky rozhlas dvojka ID 1213 with “listen to the heart” song S9

 In Hungary near Budapest :
9680 CNR 1221 talks by OM  S7 max
9370 Farda 1223 with Persian dance music At S25
9590  TWR religious Hindi music  heard Jesus 1226  then talks by YL mentioning TWR India >>> eibi shows Reach Beyond Asia . Whats happening
9705 PBS Xinjiang 1229 with traditional music to the BoH then talks by OM abd YL Sudden  s/off 10 secs before 1231
15030 AIR in Swahili 1231 (? Per listing )  with talks .
15040  mysterious mode as like HFDL at 1235 with signal S7 Audio:
15180 Cri in Serbian with opera 1238/ Ezl style  songs S30
15800 CNR in Chinese hammer 1244 with S8 signal an talks

kSDR in Bandung
9835 and 11665 are with S10 signal at 1246no well received over the local noise floor S7 9830 (S20) and 9840 Vietnam  (S30 )are quite high to QRM Sarawak FM
In Vietnam with English program abt revolution At 1300 Vietnam 9840 in Indo on agreements

9820 CNR 2 1252 quite strong there with S20 and 20kHz wide
9920 FEBC in Bahnar with religious talks S20 mixed with mysterious carriers on seems trumpet  . In Koho at 1300
9940 Nippon no Kaze program in Korean quite noisy S9 over S7


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