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SDRing today 19

Due to local bad weather i tested a few SDRs This happens nearly everyday Ther are a few stations that need a real ID if you can help

Λογς 19/6/2021 all  via various kiwis esp in L America

-In Padro Juan  in Paraguay Brazilian borders
570  A DRMIsh signal that cant be decoded , for more than 1.5 minute S40 … IBOC ? Seen also carrier  Would like to sse  Kiwi add IBOC .
This is radio Amambay
Definitely not It was possibly bad connection leaving some noise before the amplifier stage even if the noise seems as DRM . At1257 with standard audio and religious commercials “felicitades papa“ with many mentions of padres (priests) at 13 a poem over the song let it be. NO ID anyway with  2×10 kHz wide audio.  I cn think this is the signal form the local church(?)  of the same name 

1110khz motto-ed as «mais maiz Brazil» with presumed religious program with spiritual song at 1313z (coracao) , then a beat song . S20 or -37 dbm Not real ID for a more than 10 minute reception time except this motto heard a few times.Any help?
Following a message on WOR there was a reply from Rudolf Grimm as follows: ««According Zack Liangas notice, I presumed he used the Pedro Juan Caballero (Paraguay) kiwiSDR. If this is correct, Ponta Porã (Brazil) is a conurbed city with PJC. Just over a street crossing, you will be in another country.Then, 1110 kHz must be Radio Transamérica Hits from Ponta Porã.»

980  Radio Burunguja Paraguay  1320  Spanish with nice song with guitar , advert of ital farmacia , -ID at 1425  then version of ‘my way’  -33 dbm The only with real IDs

These three above are fore sure be the locals stations due to a very strong signal. Many station from across the region :

530 news program 0923 with reports . S9  >>Somos radio from ARG
1430 one of the few in band signal with near QRM free reception afgter0930  Songs. Seems religious “jose milita” as jingle
1390 song OM talks Spanish Guiana 0935 ? with phone

9665 Voz Missionaria 1341 with song Mna talking in Portuguese rasau corasau programa seu and revolutionariu obrigadu A signal of S8
9819.2 R Nova de julho 1344 with discussions 1411 junior pastor with semons S9

-Via vilenha SDR:
960 R Santa Cruz IDed at 0949

– In Milton Ontario
1430 Chinese song at 0956 S7 BaiFM with Viet . there are also some steaming slow downs
1610 tango song (malaguena )at 0958  , Unforgettable on 1003 S9 please stay with me Diana at 1307 No ID  
1650 talks  1005 in unknown lang , eskimo? Lol S9
1540  seems as like a theater, talk in English Flintstones  mentioned , horse  sounds 1008 S9

-And via bandung : 9836 and 11665 at S9 A sudden line connection timed out receptions … Both with songs at 1345 and passed the 14z time with still signal and still at 1407 (patriotic on 9835)
Also on 3325 RRI with song at 1355


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