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Logs 17+18/6

Log for 17-1 in central city of Salonica

Log for 17-1 in central city of Salonica using a 10 m hor wire and a texun 550 with generally poor reception with simple signal levels

9820 R Thailand 1934 prg in English good
9930 V Iran 1935 talk in farsi poor over local QRN
9890 R Y0ruba 1937 no signal
9855 VoiRI in English 1940 eco ethical themes fair 
9765 CRI 1944 nice tradi instrumental music fair
9745 CRI in Epsranto , lestansica mechanismo Good
9620  AIR in French with hindi songs of 90s m hifades Good
9525 Welat 1949 trad songs in KU Local like
9480  CRI in French 1950 with Chinese lessons Good
9420 VOGreece 1951 a communist song of the past Poor Via the Hung kiwi at S9+20 good and clear audio
9425 VoKorea1954 with opera song ID in GE good
9410 BC in hausa 1955 , talx abt Nigeria ID a2000 fair
9400 Dardasha 2000* in Arabic good w fades
9330 WBCQ marginal at 2000
9290 Kontayner 2000
7510     2001 talx in korean fair >> no in eibi suppose TWR?
7440 CRI? 2005 talks news in Chinese Good > yes towards EU
7415 CRI? 2004 with news and advert Good
11635 VoK 2005 typical non opera Korean song Good
11680 Pyongyang Pangsong 2007 with hymn Good

And  few via Sze Hungarian kSDR first with the above last logs:
11635 VoK  with signal S9+20db 11680 at S9 only
11710 a carier of S10 level for just 10 secinds at ca 2008
11745   A Arabia Azm 2111 in talks Arabic ID at 2012
11810 BBC 2013 abut a collaboration and demilitarization S10
11885 VoV 2014 abt Vietnam and ML , talk in German S20
11965 African pathways 2018 “Bible for children “ S9
12050 Dandal Kura  2019 song S20
4820 CNR nice songs S10
4890  VoP with English song then talk in Korean 2025

Logs for 18 via a SDR in Romania
15110 Kuwait in DRM  1040 was partially received due to lots of fading (?) with  the left only channel Signal S9+20
15150  RRI in French 1044 talking on Byzantine S40
15220 CRI in Hungarian 1047 with signal S10 //17570
And via sardegna :
14900 CNR hammer (notice on how I write! ) on 1052 S9
15090 IBB /RL  in farsi with talsk and signal S7 1054
15235 TRT off 1100
15250 a carrier for abt 1 minute with 1 kHz tone , CNR started on 1056 jamming VoA (heard ID )
15770 WRMI at 1105 with S9 signal
17590 with S3 signal also heard in 25800 at S1 signal at 1107

And via kSdr in Sze near Budapest at local night  :
9875 TRT in English 2107 with turk songs S9+10
9860 +45  CNR1 with nice pop song  2109 S10 /S20
9800   on a dog story , afro eng 2110  god good one for you S20
Back :
4800 CNR 2142 nice Chinese song S10 lots of real QRN  and digital packets (tyhis is the band I cant listen due to the modem DSL noise)
4820 XZPBS 2145 with nice Cinese songs lots of digital noise S9
5140 Charleston 2149 in SAS is really a spatial station ! S9
6985 The vault . el condor pasa song with ID at 2200 S9


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