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A few logs via a Braz kSDR 10/6

very interesting logs from Brasilia kSDR with Reloj unlisted adn many vacant freqs

Station names As IDed by the SdR’s interface labels excluding 12050
6050  Deus e la mor S7 only carrier with very low modulation 2135
6080 Marumby ?  with choirs 2136 at-61dbm signal
6100 Σ Arabia ? 2137 news in Arabic -74dbm
6135 Aparecida 2138 sermons -73 mixed with another , bassy sound
6160 Boa Vontade -92dbm religious talks 2139
6180 no RN Amazonia

7455 R casa via Bazilia SDR with old english song 4 only ID at 2105 then with -92dbm
9515 Marumby 2108 Signal is too poor and hard to understand S3 only
9550 Bao vontade man preaching 2109 , chorus S7 -100 signal
9555 S Arabia 2111 news in Arabic short music intervals too bassy ID ‘min riyad’ -85dbm 115dbm NFloor
9645 Voz Missionaria 2113  S7 -77dbm a song sung by a local speaker , deus dem denia de dos madres . as local
9820 only CNR instead of R9/6 with S-65dbm
11815 nothing on the freq R B central house
11895.1   R.Boa Vontade, P.Alegre 2119 with Gospel and S7 signal -82dbm
11925 no Bandeirantes but CNR CRI instead at 2120
12050 R Reloj  nice Spanish /Portuguese pop song at 2122 talk in Spanish at 2128 with religious Also on 2005 11/6 mixed with p. Ndarason with S7 signal. Wit the help from mail list and WOR the station is WEWN#3 R de LUz

12095 BBC on 2005 11/6 with news in English and S9 signal Thre are irrgualr noise bursts in the band this day
15190 no Inconfidencia 2134 but possible at 6010 at s5 only  -95dbm

Lone IDed MW log
980 R Nasional 2141 with jingle ! -69dbm

There are many labels in the above SDR with stations form Brazil that are not operating this time in shortwave or are very poor  I checked most stronger  


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