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Funny logs via kSDR in Hu 10-6

A few deliberate mistakes Can you identify ? random signal and 2 DRMish signals

A few logs via the Székesfehérvár kSDR near Budapest HU using my  smartphone Reception in the city center is extremely noisy  See at the end for the only local log
A few deliberate mistakes Can you  identify ?

14900 + 14920 CNR hammer at A7/S5 with ads on 0826
15030 AIR 0827 with talks in Urdu or Hindi (unless my ears are laughing at me as Farsi is noted in eibi ) S9  signal
15090 R Liberty  0928 in Dari? With numbers  S3 only >>>Yes dari
15145 ?? 0829 with classical music S??? off then >>AWR
15210 AWR  *0829 with station  ID in Eng then calling “ this program is in Tachelhit’ S10
15290 NHK 0831 with talks S10
12570 CNR@ 0832 with adverts S&
15390 CNR13 0834 YK talking in Uighur S7
15455 RFI 0835 with talks in afro language (MANdekan noted in eibi  readme ) S!0 funny that is overloaded or garbled (no joke )
15620 BBC in DRM mode ard 0837 decoded quite well but audio quality is very poor S7 signal >>via SNG!!
15490  on 0840 station transmitted for only 10 seconds with S9+20 and off Music program !  (no fun )
15500 CNR2 0842 with talks .
17490 CRI in English 0845 – my beacon signal –S20 , discussion about cinematographers
Two DRM (? ) signals on 17750 and 17805 [strong with splatter] but not decodable at 084x Waited 25 seconds for each …  
17710 0848 in Pushtu? With subject on Covid S9 signal .>> Yes it’s AIR Pushtu as noted in eibi

Also home log :
17615 Saudi Arabia with Quran el karim at 0855 with fair signal full of local noise QTH THS


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