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Monitoring 5+6

hints on ERA ,15170 non ,17750 new and Joystick marked in italics

15790 EMR with typical afroribbean  songs  at 0832 supposedly this station is only weekdays?
9420 ERA once again logged at 0906 with -74dbm and still distorted audio at amplifier stage, with Greek songs that time . The signal was not on little before as far as I band scanned carrier still at 1114
11600 B Stair man 0915 shouting and screaming . FSK still in the freq at 2kHz lower with -100dbm
17485 CNR jammer (?) against VoA (unheard) 0934 signal is only -95dbm at best
6070 0955 and then with Atlantic 2000 til 1000 then tumbril with nice classical music
6055 Evangelishe mission in German with -90 dbm tracked till 1100 .
15280 VoA in FF special wkd program with interesting hilife songs at -80/125dbm max with 25db fading
15170 After Paul Walkers hint n a Uganda station there is not any signal in my QTH
In contrast I have found a Amharic station with HOA music on 15150  Noted as Tamazuj with -73/125 dbm signal tested om a few kiwiSDr on USA and Alaska Dubai A Africa and in Romania with no success at 1540+

15215 AWR? 1547 religious program mentioning parmeswar (God ) at-68/130 dbm signal
15670  AWR 1550 about inventions and technologies , they shall come imn the last day  Christianity (lol)
17750 VoA (t)  1554 HoA music with a signal of -65dbm jammed by white noise in Amharic language  at the end of the prog .  No info on eibi At 1600 new program mentioning Washington DC and many mentions of Ethiopia and telephones at 1605 the program is mostly Eng based
9420 CNR13 seems mixed with VoG’s carrier at 1623 at a signa of -68 quite high  per se> Max on 9890 is -77dbm Good sound with full audio at 8 kHZ
9405 ?? first time watching  signal in that freq 1630 Program n English This is R Taiwan as per eibi did some work the same time I listened to this prog . ID at the end with address and schedules and more -80dbm CRI started on 49410 at 1700
9400 ToM /B Stair at 1700 with man shouting seems the same prog as above at 11600-78dbm
4724  ΘΣΑΦ with encoded texts -90dbm 2000
4712 Russain Y L radio samara , sexy voice -95dbm

15030 This is …AIR  0822 then talks in hindi signal -84/125 dbm
15145  AWR  0824 with a children song , seems English  lang Nice piano music then off -65dbm
11650 Ρ Romania  talks in Rom 0917
13790  R Rom 0944 nice pop song  -53 signal talk in Romanian with freqs and internet inc daily motion
15390 CNR13 Chinese window of the program for the immigrants with talks and background music -95dbm
7330 Joy 1000-1100 with Chrlie Prince  in German presenting some interesting  info on Malta its new Pv systems and further info on the place . Mixed with disco songs of the past. Φew of them could not be shazamed


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