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Monitoring 15#b

Several more logs for Sat


BBC 7485 with sports program at1733 -76dbm 2×5 kHz wide seem that time a goal has been targeted ..

7510  IBRA /TWR 1735with HoA song -68dbm in Silte as per schedule Clear audio 7509D marker at-100dbm

7540  VoA Deewa with ID at 1736 talks in Dari or Pushtu about corona virus -76dbm

9420 CNR13 with minimum signal at -81dbm

11750 SLBC? 1743  City FM toay with -69dbm 2*3.5kHZ 1745 with old movie song 70s? Sina pipena by samitha mudun kotowa as shown in shazam  a very nice romantic  song of the past SLBC advert

11769.9 V Nigeria 1750 at -80 mixed with CNR(?) with -90dbm They have low modulation

11775 CRI 1759 just -61 /120 dbm signal IS at exavt time Program in German with panorama starting up

6284 pirate 180 with rhythmic music -100dbm

6195VoA 1 2118 in English Bily EIlish with a pop song -65/120dbm 2x5kHz wide binaurally wide

6175 poss CNR1 2120 with Song (CC? )Soing is quite low at -92/120dbm v to be //6215

6270 pirate 2125 with various Germanic and western songs at -95/120dbm

6985 vault 2129 with pop rock music -100dbm

9930  V iran 2131 Woman with talks in Farsi -84dbm Didn’t check for accuracy but seems to sbe exact Good sounded

6925 Fox  with beat muisc Quite low to be hard clearly

9420 VoGreece is again very overmodulated as notice in albertisa Sdr  with full 20 kHZ wide audio -93/110 here

6650 Frenchman QSoin g with -85dbm signal in LSB 2145!!


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