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Monitoring May 8+9

interesting C QUAM log at the bottom, 6050 off ? Radio Delta nonlog

6985 the vault with oldies 2157 70-90s -95sbm at best at 6993 thre is a 10 khz wide FMOP signal at -115dbm
6972 another FMOP style signal at very low rate -115 dbm mixed with a short burst
5995 Mali 2204 OM with acapella singing chanting with a group of children mentioning Ramadan (???) interesting signal at -76/115dbm
6050 Xizang PBS 2205 CC no signal today as there is the typical system service as every year (?? At 7240 there is a program with Chinese music and -84/125 dbm and IDing propelry  with 2230 with central news )
9955 kontainer 2210  -100dbm just above the noise floor
15370 RHC 2217  abt Cubans -85dbm maximum Audio is less an 2 khz wide – telephonic D 2221 , Cifra del Sabado
15610 WEWN 2220 with -90/120dbm signal and talks show me money !!
7405 TRT 2232 with program in Arabic Buzzing signal
9675 IRIB in Hausa with talks and short music intervals -81dbm
7609  7658 7687 kontayners at -100 the 7609 left at 2239 Also on 2300 at 7201 and on 6970
7700 someone in Arabic reduplicating words 2236
6925 2302 pirate at-92 but quite clear audio
5505 Shannon Volmet with meteo at 2305 with-85/110db

6020 Delta is not heard here at 0700  . tested via kSDr in Hungary near buddapest with S7 Hot pop music and long references from various people abt the station Still at 0940 with S5 signal
15514.7 (@-85)/15530 (@-60) (±3hz)Radio Kuwait 0710 in English with good audio with interesting stories , abt tonic ?
Two mini news from the emails!
15090 IBB Farsi program with phone in then with a semi  trad song close to dangdut -90dbm 25db fading Sudden sing off 0728
7250 RRom Intl , the gospel at 0730 showing the episode with  Thomas pointing his finger in the hole inside the palm of Jesus. There is a buzzing sound in both sides of the signal. -80/130dbm Also on 9645 at -66/120dbm
15600 V Iran 0755 is mixed with local telephony carier . signal is -105 with e the local carrier is –115/130dbm!!
15620 BBC WS DRM 0800at only 15db SNR is heard with full cutoffs  here
15790.002 WMR  0805 as usual with its LSB sided audio and with fast paced music -97dbm
6675 and 6665 6685   0810 the Greeks of the “44  mb”  with interesting chat !!
21670 Saudi radio in Indo at0916as usual with -85dbm signal and religious program

1680 unofficial unknown radio station using the best stereo  sound heard on radio ever at -50 and later -75dbm  CD quality for real Transmitted from 10-13 Reception with SoDiRa Clips were recorded for personal tests.  


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