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Monitoring April 27

Now we are running the Holy Week typical logs as per scaning the bands
Update with a few corrections and clarifications

729 and 1008 ERA on 1601 with liturgy  live from church . Contrary to last year the Churches are operating with limited audience this year
1206 R9 with old songs at 1603 at -70dbm Also on 1919 with live stream from Quatrro
1431 the local radio station from the UNI 1925 with just carrier mixed with local noises -63dbm
1440 local pirate  with old songs -82dbm
1680 Aperi local pirate at 1606 with count ups -67dbm and foreign  songs
1715 Slavic pirate at 1607 with Slavic trad songs -100

6285  pirate sign off 1836 just seen him and he closed
6296 t R Panda  1802 with fast paced music 1845  with slow pop music ID and again to music -85dbm with 20 db fades.  
6300 QSO with talks in Italian in 1804 -85!!
6305 at -100 here -90 in Hungary kSDR
6645 operator in French 1621
9445 the typical IS frm BBC Very Long tiem to listen . with program in Bengali at only -60/115dbm
9930  -13Hz Vo Iran  1625 with -90/120dbm at best ,just drum beat are heard over the local noise

11475 low res Kontayner  type signal with 25 HZ carrier steps
11530 Welat with great signal -47dbm S9+20 with discussions
13264 Shannon Volmet 1650 with meteo program -112dbm and schedule
15125 CRI 1655  with program in Arabic Very lear audio with 20 kHz wide channel with -78/130dbm level  Swahili  lang is  ext
15260 FEBA Radio Sama 1710 with talks in Arabic ID Kitab al ?? -91dbm a bit low modulation
15340 Dmtse Wegahta mixed with digital noise or hammer . nothing could be heard Signal -80dbm hammer is -100
15745 a mix of a CiS12 type  of -11 db signal plus a DRM on 15755 centre -120db
15770 eibi info advises WINB
17655 VoA in Portuguese 1724 with political talks mentioning syndicates and CR7 , ID -100/130 dbm  
17780 BBC 1726 with discussions between OM /YL abt Nigeria , refugee children humanitarian aids there  -91/139dbm Also on 17830 17780 has a slight delay of around 200ms


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