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Various news and QSLs 3/4

Various news as for today
a few more updates since the first posting : added 1431/SWRadio

(1)Once again heard the Chinese program on the CNR17 channel on 12055 ending on 0900 Signal at -90dbm

(2)A report for Texas radio for their yesterday transmission via RWMI on 15770 at 11z had been replied in just 4 hours with QSL and program schedule . Program consisted with various version Texas Rose

(3)SWRradio has not been  heard in my place on 5980 except with a -110dbm signal in the spectran. After testing via various remote SDRS  the best signal was in …Poland in a webSDR at -60dbm Even in Viraat and Turkku the signal was just marginal at-110dbm as shown in the local kSDR.They seemed not Changing their frequency in that time as far as tested.

(4) very possible the UNI station has started again on 1431kHZ MW Signals of -45 dbm in the town today!

(5)A few MW logs via kSDR in Karelia on 3/4:

584 AIR west Nagpur (p) with old 70s songs 1631+
584 also 1634 IRIB mixed with AIR , talks in Farsi -70dbm in a sudden
594  1636 with news on Covid m sinew had bases from drums (?) Afghanistan Somalia Lang seem between Hindi and Tamil but also mentioning  Jesus Barraba and Orthodox faith ON mwlist GOS in Bengali is shown 1640 A slow non Bolly Hindi song of 90s or older -80dbm
603  ??  talk in a Chinese  lang very similar to Viet seems as CRI viet 1646 CRI 600kW -60dbm
1278  NHK? Japanese song , talks by OM in JJ -75sbm peak 1625
1270 AIR with bolly of 70s songs -80dbm 1627


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