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Monitoring for 26th

Dual mode monitoring

With PL 380 and attenuator

7220 VoV  1603 with talk in Vietnamese good signal

7335 CRI 1705 in Cantonese or similar with talks over music > good

7385 Xizang PBS 1707 Tibetan pop songs Good

9610 V Oromo Liberation 1709 with HoA music Good

7480 RFA in Tibetan 2230 with mostly talks , a short music interval and back talks Good

7550 kontayner  with Good  signal 2235,7410 on 2339 good

7570 VoK in Spanish 2239 with its usual operas and talks in between song describing the songs, refred to the flag of the resolution 2240 short QRM time from a ALE signal  . Good

7780 WRMI with religious program at 2241 instead of R Tirana “Iisua ministries”  with a man shouting as hysterical Fair (-65dbm typical in SDR in other logs )

7435 Marti , 2303 talk in Spanish fair  

4980 Xinjiang PBS 2354 with long talks in Uighur , a bit garbled audio and good signal.

7360 VOIRI n French 0011 with mostly talks

Aispy HF+D  for only 1 hour

5925 2059 talk n CC -98dbm till 2100 then off

5930 VoA  2111 in French with lessons of Business Enlglish -60/115dbm

5955 2114  with piano songs , scratchy audio -95dbm

5970 TRT 2120 French program , Turkish song -45dbm Seems there is some companding . ON 5980.02 with Turkish program at -60dbm  referring to Greece 5983 is a steady carrier at-78dbm

5994.996  Mali 2139 of -70dbm mixed with a another unknown signal 20 HZ higher at-86 top signal . Very monotonous instrumental play  …

6020 CRIn Spanish with program “medivos al efecto Cina “ at 2145 Cooperative todaso lis dias , 2147 a Chinese soft pop song -55dbm

6610 2151 talks in Spanish -104/-115dbm

6671 Kontayner of -95dbm at 2155 and at 6986 same signal .6883 at 2204

9270 pirate 2202 with Germanic songs -96dbm


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