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Monitoring 23+/3

mix of logs for 23+24 a few posted on Facebook groups.

6145 RRom intl 0501 news Romanian -55dbm
6170  VoA in Hausa with news 0502 -75dbm
15030 AIR in Arabic 0530 -75db, , buzz- whistles in the freq Less than 3.5 kHZ audio
9664.92Voz Missionaria? Talk over high level noise that cant help ID the lang which seem as as PP -92dbm
15285  S Arabia 0545 with  old Arabic song
9790 RFI in French with talk in Africa -64dbm Alson 7390 -68dbm
7295 RAlgerie 0550 with talk in Arabic mentioning SMS , raull allah chantings  -66dbm
7425 Ndarason 0557 with hilife song sudden  at 5.59.30
7780 WRMI 0600 with religious program by the typical in the SW bands pastor -71dbm 2x5kHZ audio Also on 380 at 0428 with religious program
5995 Mali 0605 signal with talks by YL in lang , afro music -85/110dbm

A couple signals on 23/3 local night with the PL380 and attenuator to compensate the overloads – later for a photo-

11900 program in Spanish 0425
10051U meteo with weather texts at 2032 fair


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