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Receptions for Mar 20th

Long ago to listen to Rangikaman cland for Iran A few more non official logs

11520 and 11550##  at 1637  RFA in Korean 11520 has a delay of 2 secs over he 11550  and 15 db less than the -86dbm of the later Talks on Biden

11610 VoA 1641  in Somali with a huge -45dbm signal Ths time the band is full of hi level BPL and also 4kHz  multicarrier net the band

6280 pirate 1647 with -90/110dbm signal mostly rock music in a quite high noise environment

6290 mixed two stations the one herd with rock music . bad affect from the BPL bursts

6400 Poyngyang pangsong 1703 YL with talks -85dbm at top 20 db fades

6665 Greek QSO net at this late time 1716 -90/110dbm

7605  Inja Sedaye Rangikaman at 1727 with just 1 kHz tomes stopped on 1729 then with ID at 1730 Very  long to log them in the shortwaves

7570 VoKorea 1735 in Korean with operas and talks . -76.2 dbm .A FSK station in 50 bd idling at 200 Hz on 7571 kHZ with same signal …

7626 CNR (??) is head with strong buzz audio that kills nearly all reception closeup shows another carrier 50 Hz lower This must be SoH?

6250VOPeople /EoHope now back to their main frequency , jammed by the N Koreans and also mixed with the slot machine on the USB part 

6275 pirate  1801   with oldie fast  waltz music then man talking NL “.. wachte”  -80svnm

6285 immediate as after the 6280 pff the 8285 started with rock song anf-78dbm signal radi “tuba takeo or monte carlo DX

6275 ?? possibly the above is back on 1819 with -75dbm and rock songs  but signal ois -70dbm IDas sadeweb ???anti radio heard from canned material


##        screenshot available only in selected FC pages as above
$$        remote kiwi reception
&&       other equipment reception – mostly PL380
@@     video in youtube


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