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Monitoring March 2

Some logs off the day

4960 VoA STP talk in Hausa 2049 many mention of Africa with signal -60dbm quite huge for this time and with 2×5.5 khz audio Also on 4930 with -85dbm with highlife songs

4875 pos. Mystery 21  2053 with pop songs at -82dbm -105 noise

4720U operators  2054 with talk in Spanish

4690 2056 talk I Russian just -90sbm signal

4862U also some operator female voice  by chance -80dbm 2059

4800 CNR signing on with-80sbm but is heard as marginal

4835 2102 with a keyed slow FSK mode morse type bd 100 Hz wide with VVVs

5140  Charleston 2105 with typical of its oldies -79dbm

7590.5 center once again with the transmission problem transmitter with the 27 hop multi carrier system Station is heard OK in the AM mode.
Binaural audio in zip to preserve its spatiality :

11640 CRI? 2120 arabic dance song , talk in Arabic with many mention of Arabia -67dbm with 20 KHz wide channel The song on 2126 has problems from the cassete bad winding warbled audio and also some stops !! Idaatu Sini Dauliya . Via Mali more audio problems on 2130 and signal off

11820  El kuran al karim S Arabia 2131 new priest starting it to chant mentioning Sulaiman -60db

9765 this reminds me the Radio Canao Nova transmitting on this frequency on 2000s  but tofay is just the KNLS station from Malagasy … 2144 with-85/120 dbm

9665  possibly Marumby at -90/110dbm is head as marginal !  -110 dbm is the BPL noise

9820 vs 9818.9 CNR vis R9/6 fighting each other in signal terms with roughly -95 dbm medium levels and marginally heard !!

9860 CRI in Esperanto 2201 with -65dbm IS then ID 2×8 kHz audio channel

6115 posily overcomer? 2238 with someone talking  in English a being translated in Spanish by YL -80/120dbm  

6585 kontayner FSOM at -94dbm on 2241


729 ERA was back after a few days off . Once again off 3/1 on 0720 …

1458  2206 finally a better time for reception for Lyca  using the binaural mode and under the signal of RRAct . Nice Hindi music of the 90s past

1233 Dechovka is now off Just  a poor signal of -98only in the freq Nothing on 1260 except an Arabic  station . In 792 with  just -86dbm at 2212 with strong QRM Most possible QRM from Spain

531 /891 Algerie Intl is totally different than 6040 Also Algerie on 2223 people discussing or being interviewed YL in long Arabic talks seems not 100% talking religiously


##        screenshot available only in selected FC pages as above
$$        remote kiwi reception
&&       other equipment reception – mostly PL380
@@     video in youtube


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