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Monitoring on 24

Some logs plus a new report for new R Algerie


6336  -100dbm and 6380 -90dbm the most lovely OTHR from kontayner  

7280  V Vietnam in viet 1707 with talks ans sort music intervals -80dbm but very clear ! a bit overloaded

9515 Denge welat 1834 with discussions -45dbm

9635 Ndarason 1836 with program in Kanuri -50dbm

9820 Last chance 184 program in English with mean signal of -55dbm Baptisms

9830 DW n Hausa 1843 with typical signal at -65dbm

9835## V Oromia a1714 just a trace of a carrier -93dbm signal only

9845 Last chance 1900 exact on this frequency with ID at 1901 after a minute IS  IDing as KNLS and mentioning the program -65dbm

9915 BBC in //11810 1847 arts and compyters jellyfishes, at -65dbm and nice audio at 2×5.5 kHz ID at 1859 ‘restoring Americas back/ 195930off  

11253##  RAF volmet today with a high signal of -65 dbm max !!

11660 TWR 1726 in Amharic with religious talks . ID and info on 1729z Next program is Oromo

11769.9 V Nigeria with program in ENglish too much noise in the room to listen properly

A few MW news

531 at 1641 just heard RActualtitata instrad of Jil   with -836dbm Too early? At 1756 with signal above the RRA reaching the -71dbm level with French program

549 Ukraine -78dbm with talk in Russian NO signal from jil still

891 just a faint carrier at-95dbm At 1800 there is a carrier on exact  891 while thre is a steady signal 20Hz lower at-110dbm

1377 TWR 1807 in Kurdish at -75dbm 1812 a kurdish song ID and carrer at 1815

729 ERA no signal today at 17   !! at 1800 with RNE with news


##        screenshot available only in selected FC pages as above
$$        remote kiwi reception
&&       other equipment reception – mostly PL380
@@     video in youtube


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