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Moldova greek service via Hungary (?)

The Greek service of  Nemzetiségi (National ) Radio has been finally heard in Feb 25th after very long tries on 1200 with ID was «Greek program from Moldova’ (?didnt record that )

Transmission is on 873/1189 kHz Thrusdays only
Info program is related to the 200 years of the Greek revolution against the Ottoman empire, mixed with poems and related Greek songs.  This info program ended on 1215 Remain program consisted solely with `Greek’ songs for the spring – fst time heard such type!  This is possibly songs from  the diaspora

At 1230 the end of the Greek program the ID was clear as R Moldova Prg 1 with program in Romanian – Moldavian (nearly same language )

This was a remote reception via kSDR wis in Székesfehérvár on 891 and 1189 with signals of  S40 /S10 respectively  60 km SW from Budapest
Also on Albertirsa 891 and 1189 with S10/20 levels respectively half and half time reception! Around 60 km SE from Budapest

Meanwhile a short test via zakynthos kSDR
729 is still off  -maintenance?
1008 Corfu S20
1305 S7 -85dbm
1404 Komotini not audble


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