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Monitoring 13+14/2


21670.975 Long ago to listen to Suadi R Intl in indo Signal is -95/125  with fades to 25 db depth. A bit intense talks again 1134 with religious topics read by OM.

9990.0 Farda 1112 with westernized Persian pop songs Signal of S8(-73mdb ) exact frequency as tested with small calibration by  the nearby RWM

21470 1203 in English with signal tat is relatively difficult to listen with signal of-100 over the local noise (-130dbm) eibi Info shows Romania

15790 WMR at 1209 with typical Afroribean Music  Just zooming it the station iwas amazed that he is well calibrated to the exact frequency Meanewhile  scrutinized signal analysis shown that there are two ‘carriers’ on both sidebands by 50 HZ form the main freq and with sond that does not exceed 2 kHZ   ID in Bulgarian(!) At ca1210 ON 1244 song me gustas tu

13740 by the Ivo  channel ,RHC’s voices are immediateily recognized but with just 25 db above the noise for very poor result . Mostly talks IS with ID 30 scc before the TOH

13775 SArabia 1302 in Urdu at -85/130dbm signal with only talks mixing with quranic words

9896 VoTibet ? 1304 changed into 9886 on 1305 a few step and then to 9899 on 1310 ! A signal of -85/115 a mini short try wit he pl380 outdoor was “more ice” than signal in the band  

9949.81at 1345 a signal supposedly from AIR with 24 db above the noise floor with not any modulation Unsure if this is AIR or just a local carrier

9835 IRIB 1349 -80/-130dbm signal with modulation squeezed out of the noise

6280 pirate with old disco songs 2123 -80/115dbm its seems

4875 mystery 21 at 2127 with -85/105 dbm marginally heard

5995 Mali once again with -75/105dbm signal mixed with Korean jammer

1368 local pirate station 2134 with -60dbm signal and with a 2x15kHz wide audio . old greek songs

1530 talk in English .. 2137 then song

A few hams on the 21mb on 1145+

21328 a nice Signal QSO between sweet voiced  woman and man mentioning  ICU nd lockdowns Signals  are very clear -80&-110 man over a -140 noise

21264 ?1DVU QRZ He does only cCQ but not responses

21270 9?9A

21290 E9IB 1200

21252 EI9JL 1201  CQ

Ther are around 5-8  operators in the band


6925 usual Refs Europe 1914 with religious talks in English refeitng America policies n at -94/110dbm

6568 1916  kontayner Othr of -15 kHz wide -78dbm steady Also on 6680 and 6908

6650U  talks 1920. operator in French -92/110

7385 CRI Albanian 1925 with rather overloaded audio and hiFi at 2x6kHZ with top sngs of the time Mixed with another ID as R Elia

7465 BBC Korean  1934 with casslcal music. There is a buzzer on the USB part talsk in 1937

9420 ERA at 1939 no signal

6050 VoT? 1942 very good English about e earthquake in Fukushima and on Osaka  ID as VoT then preserting music instruments-65/115dbm

11441U 1957 operators in unIDed lang -95/110dbm    IN thi spart of the bans there ere BPL line noise noted in  the spectran as mini hills  Also on 1130 in Italian

9620## AIR 2004 is back (?)here with religious song . listing advises French program in _DRM_  Sudden s/off 2008.45 with -65/  dropping  to -78/100dbm mean at 2020 and then making reception rather impractical , signal Also on 2012 another cuton 2028for half minute with continuous religious or ??songs Off 2030:15

792  (-90/115)& 1233 Dechovka (main at -65 )  with Germanic type songs There are QRMS at 50 in case of fade outs ..

1089 also Talk sport 2055 at -65 dbm but rather poor reception

1134 Kuwait 210o ID idaatu Kuwait then talks in arabic .. Nice to hear them ! signal -80/105dbm

1314 R Oldenia with frequent  IDs 2103 Old pop follows

1458 heard Hindi song 2045 with best signal that time then fading out in favor to RRom Actualitaţi  Supposedly this is Lyca given its power. Rare case . Fist time logged them here signal to -72/105dbm

Reception in Greece


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