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11+12/2 Monitoring

6020CRI in polish with traditional Chinese music -70/-115dbm till he TOH at2100 then with program in Spanish 10 KHz wide audio. Strong FSK at -90dbm on 6022 KHz


4980 Xinjiang PBS echoed in double or as liked signal is mixed with another station

6020CRI in polish with traditional Chinese music -70/-115dbm till he TOH at2100 then with program in Spanish 10 KHz wide audio. Strong FSK at -90dbm on 6022 KHz 

6289.94 pirate 1529 with music quite at -103/106

6958 TOR in FEC/100/300HZ  mode with-90dbm signal 2115

6964 QSO in Italian 2113 -115 max

6993 Kontayner ΟΤΗR 2120 with  -84dbm signal

7570 VoKorea 2130 with typical operas , recycling technology ideas 2145

9420.0 & 9890.0  with -70/–10dbm  1456 YL talking about the program accompanied by nice guitar ballad then with Chinese melody in piano and talsk by same YL and  OM while awaiting the Chinese program ! CNR Minzu Guangbo

9790 CNR ? 2000 just -87/120 dbm nothing heard due to the ugly local noise !

9818.8 R9 /7 BRAZ with just a carrier of -95/115dbm and nothing is heard!

9905 RFI program 1500 in DRM mode with telephonic audio quality as tested wit a KSDR previous days Signal -83

9984.98 VoA in Korean 1450 with phone ins. Advertising or short publicizing with music.  Adjustment half second before on RWM  (-10Hz off )  . It is impressive on how many stations are not accurate! -80/115dbm. 

12075 VoA 2007 with nice hi-life songs with -65/100dbm

13264U Shannon Volmet service at 1543  signing on with voice in Eng -104/120dbm   Signal too poor so had to check Kling’s guide

13360U operator 1541 with talks in ?? lang -100

15034 Trenton Volmet 1521 visibility and meteo codes -120/125dbm

15160# Dmtse Tigre 1506 the new clandestine with very string signal at -45db, making spatter to  more than ±25 kHz Mostly music after 1509 !

15225 idaatu riad 1512 then with imam spelling  Quranic verses -105/130

15295 CNR sounding at 1116 with advert style -106/-125dbm This is its peak signal after that the signal was gone to the -110dbm levels and  then lost into the local noise This was the old frequency of VoMalaysia till around 2000

15330 FEBC Manila with religious program in a Bamar language with talks at 1137 and a song on 1139 .Mon language  is noticed Signal -90/125dbm

17570 Sedaye radio Farda 1110 with hot  pop and rock songs -110/135dbm


15160 KBS 0930 semipartiotic and very enthused CC or TB song . Emphatic talks in Korean . intense traditional  music style continues after talks -87/120dbm these song remind me the old Ainu style form Japan and the well kwnon soran soran used by fishermen  of the older times (50-60s) still in the region 0947 with signal dropping to -105dbm that ifs flooded with local noise..

15209.68 Cri 0949 two ..women  laughing! -90dbm

11540 welat 1019 again in its fade out at-75dbm signal Clear from the TRT jammer

13695 doing a very long paper survey while listening to RFI ill 1953 with -65dbm signal

6035 via a Chinese SDr pos Yunnan on 1058 with S10 signal but very poor audio talx In Chinese ID as 110050


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